Welcome to Side Bets, the easy way to track your golf games, wagers and bets.

If you like to spice up a round of golf with some friendly wagers,
Side Bets
removes the guess work from computing the payout results.

The Side Bets software supports many variations of these popular golf games:

  • Match Play
  • Stroke Play
  • Las Vegas
  • Skins
  • Putts
  • Stableford
  • Nines & Twelves
  • Wolf, Pig, Captain
  • Golf games can be played as teams or as individuals. Powerful partner options provide unprecedented flexibility. Wagers and bets are easily configured for popular golf games like a Nassau match or Skins. Press bets have never been easier. Each format offers a variety of custom options allowing new golf games, wagers, and bets to be easily created.

    With Side Bets, you'll play Golf Games, NOT Math Games!

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